How To Create A Spacious And Stylish Bathroom Makeover

Construction is a challenging industry that requires the utmost attention to safety. As construction contractors in the Bay Area, Smith & Son Construction understands the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for our team and clients. By prioritizing safety, we not only protect our workers but also deliver quality construction projects. In this blog, we will share four essential safety tips we follow at Smith and Son Construction to maintain a safe and productive workplace. From sleek fixtures to soothing color palettes, there are various ways to refine your bathroom. As a premier home construction company serving the Bay Area’s most discerning clientele, Smith & Son Construction is here to guide you on creating a spacious and stylish bathroom makeover. Keep reading and get a quote to learn more about how our remodeling contractors make it happen.
Bathroom with white accent by bathroom contractors in Walnut Creek, CA

Smart Space Utilization

To maximize every inch of your bathroom, we employ innovative storage solutions and optimize layout designs tailored for you. From concealed cabinets and floating vanities to built-in shelving and clever organizers, you can be confident that no space goes to waste and ensure you have a clutter-free environment.

Enchanting Lighting Ambiance

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Our team will curate a lighting scheme that transcends functionality and becomes an art form in itself. Whether it’s the soft glow of pendant lights, strategically placed recessed lighting, or the ethereal radiance of backlit mirrors, we’ll transform your bathroom into a captivating retreat.

Bathroom with wooden accent by bathroom contractor in Walnut Creek, CA
Commercial bathroom with two sinks and black marble countertop by commercial bathroom remodeling contractors in Walnut Creek, CA

Luxurious Fixtures and Finishes

Premium materials and finishes can help you make a statement. At Smith & Son Construction, we will curate your bathroom redesign with a variety of opulent selections like sleek faucets, tubs, and sinks. Whether you’re embarking on a custom home build or a full home remodeling project, our offerings will elevate your bathroom to unparalleled levels of elegance.

Sensory Delights

The most indulgent bathrooms engage all the senses. Integrate sensory delights into your makeover by incorporating features that immerse you in a state of relaxation. For more information about how our residential construction company does this, reach out!

A woman inside the bathtub made by kitchen contractor in Walnut Creek, CA
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